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Technical Property Management

The sustainable development of your property portfolio includes maintenance and modernisation – at the right time and precisely according to your wishes.

With our integrated technical property management service, we offer you support in maintaining and enhancing the value of your portfolio beyond classic property management. We can also plan complex maintenance and modernisation activities for you, including preparing and monitoring the entire process, even for such things as tenant alterations or extensions. As part of this process, we prepare the budget and make recommendations for implementation.

In this way, we are able to ensure the smooth technical operation of your property assets while relieving you of the need to involve yourself in the technical aspects of property maintenance. We are also pleased to support you during the purchasing phase by means of technical due diligence or construction monitoring. The long-standing technical understanding of our engineers and architects ensures the smooth running of your construction and technical operations. In addition, this also guarantees the satisfaction of your tenants and helps to maximise returns on your property.

Our special modular Property Management (+) package is ideally suited to flexible tailoring to meet your precise needs.


Christian Kürten
Head of Technical Building Management
Email: christian.kuerten(at)

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