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You can rely on the services of BauGrund to ensure that your property remains attractive in the future.

Technical Property Management

Your car needs regular servicing to ensure that you always reach your destination. Your property portfolio is no different.

Because wise and predictive maintenance is essential in ensuring the long-term value of your residential or commercial portfolio, we take responsibility for the functionality and operability of your property. In addition, through technical updating or modernisation, you can even increase the value of your investment. With our technical property management service, we increase the long-term attractiveness of your portfolio to ensure that you enjoy the benefit of your property, far into the future.

We can also plan complex maintenance and modernisation projects for you and take care of all necessary conversions and extensions. The long experience of our engineers and architects ensures the smooth progress of construction work and technical functionality.


Christian K├╝rten
Head of Technical Building Management
Email: christian.kuerten(at)baugrund.de

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