"What makes a good condominium manager? Passers-by need to see our house and say, ‘That’s where I’d love to live!’


Dr. Hans-Peter Lorenzen is a member of the Board of a property company in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, where BauGrund manages 48 apartments on the Board’s behalf. In an interview, Dr. Lorenzen explains what he looks for in a good property management service.

How did you first become aware of the BauGrund Group, and what was the decisive reason for choosing to work with BauGrund?
We have been with BauGrund for over 20 years now. At the time, the internet did not yet play a role: we simply invited several managers to a board meeting. We ultimately decided on BauGrund at that time because they had good references and the price was right. And personal impressions played a significant role, of course.

Which BauGrund services did you find particularly interesting?
The fact that they were able to offer a truly comprehensive property management service: i.e., accounting, financial statements, business plan and especially the technical side. This ensured that the whole building was not only taken over in excellent condition but stayed that way too.

Where do you attach special value in choosing your property manager?
That he can do both: management with the appropriate accounting procedures and the technical care of the property. A good condominium manager must also proactively plan maintenance and modernisation measures. That is, we expect him to point out when appropriate repairs or renovations are necessary or advisable. And then, of course, costs and work processes must be well thought out and coordinated. Everything needs to fit into place.

What do you particularly value about BauGrund’s service?
BauGrund is able to coordinate and implement everything that is important to us. Their combination of management skill and technical understanding is important to us as well, as is their accessibility. If I have any questions or there are problems, I know that I can always reach my property managers. That’s simply taken as read at BauGrund.

What is your goal with regard to the management of your property?
We are an association with 48 residential units and each of us naturally has his own priorities. But what has always been important to us is maintaining the value of the building. This involves specific action being taken and a realistic timetable for implementation developed. The building needs to look well cared for to the outside world. Visitors need to see our house or our garden and say, “That’s somewhere I’d really like to live.”

Would you recommend the BauGrund Group to friends, associates or business partners?
Certainly. Any time. Quite simply because of our excellent experiences with BauGrund.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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