In interview: “Good condominium managers need to be able to identify with their projects. They need to be empathetic and effective counsellors.”


Wolf Gutschmidt is a member of the Board of a property owners’ association in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, where BauGrund manages 48 apartments on behalf of the ownership company. Wolf Gutschmidt personally occupies his own property. In an interview, he explains why he places his trust in the BauGrund management service.

What was particularly important to you in choosing a management company for your association’s property?
Commitment, initiative and the ability to respond to its clients. In addition, expertise plays a major role. A good condominium manager must identify with his project. He must be a good counsellor and he needs empathy to respond to the diverse interests of the owners. Finally, accessibility is also an important factor.

And you get those things from BauGrund?
We feel that we receive an excellent service. Our property manager is highly engaged and closely identifies with our needs. BauGrund is also fully up-to-date with the latest laws and has the necessary technical understanding.

What do you especially value about BauGrund’s work on your behalf?
We just feel that we are very well looked after. BauGrund strikes the right balance between efficient and proactive engagement in our business while not being intrusive. Their help is vital to us. After all, we owners are not experts. Even with planned investments or rental issues, we rely on good advice.

What is your goal with regard to the management of your property?
Since I live here myself, value retention is clearly close to my heart. Not just in terms of the building itself, but also with regard to the tenant structure, the living environment and the overall atmosphere within the building.

Is there anything else you could ask of BauGrund?
Just that I hope our cooperation remains at the same high level as it has been so far!

Thank you very much for the interview.

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