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We see ourselves as reliable, customer-oriented and professional. For us, this means being available for you around the clock and always going the extra mile in seeking to maximize the success of your property portfolio. With BauGrund, you can rely on a competent and experienced partner with specialist expertise and excellent negotiating skills. Because at BauGrund, we are property managers with a genuine passion for real estate – and we are more than happy to be judged by the results we achieve.

Decades of experience and an intuitive sense for the needs of our clients form the foundation for the successful development of the BauGrund Group. The Group, which includes the subsidiaries BauGrund Immobilien-Management GmbH, BauGrund TVG GmbH and BauGrund Immobilien Management GmbH, employs over 120 staff across Germany.

As part of the Aareal Bank Group, we are also familiar with the compliance standards of a banking group and of our institutional clients. Our nationwide presence and the flexible structure of our company enable us to provide an individual and professional service. We offer you an experienced and highly motivated team, providing a full range of property management expertise from a single source.


BauGrund is extremely well connected and has a series of strong and reliable partners. For example, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aareal Bank Group and a member of the most important committees and institutions within our industry. In this way, we always have sufficient scale to handle even larger projects.

Responsibility – Corporate Governance, Compliance Guideline & Code of Conduct

Corporate Governance
Corporate governance concerns the responsible management and control of a company based on long-term value creation. In particular, this involves efficient cooperation between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, transparency in corporate communications and acting in the best interests of shareholders.

Compliance Guideline
The real estate business is one of the core areas of the BauGrund Group. Because of the importance of strong customer loyalty and a high level of customer identification with the Deutsche Bau- und Grundstücks-AG – as well as cooperation between BauGrund, our clients and employees based on fairness, solidarity and trust – the BauGrund Board has adopted the following guidelines on employee behaviour in conducting real estate business with our clients.

The basic concept of the compliance guideline is to deal responsibly with confidential and sensitive information, while avoiding conflicts of interest with our clients.
The regulations for the compliance guideline will be adopted in the form of an operating agreement and an agreement with the Speaker’s Committee for Executives and must be observed by all employees of the BauGrund Group.

Click here to download the full text of the BauGrund Group Compliance Guideline.

Code of Conduct
Core values such as a respectful way of dealing with each other, avoiding conflicts of interest, and fair and responsible business behaviour are reflected in the Code of Conduct.
The full text of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.


Our decades of experience and knowledge provide the basis for the successful development of the BauGrund Group. We are proud of our tradition and have, since our inception, served the interests of property and of those who either own or aim to purchase it.

The BauGrund for public sector real estate activities was founded in 1930. The main task of the company was initially the provision of apartment housing for civil servants. To this day, we still provide this traditional property service for the German government.
The spectrum of BauGrund activities has constantly developed over the decades. While our initial focus was on the management of rental housing, we added the new build and reconstruction of several thousand homes to our portfolio post-1945.

With the introduction of the Condominium Act, the management of homeowners’ associations became an important part of our company mission. Over the years, more and more institutional investors have entrusted us with the care of their property portfolios. In 1992, we became active abroad for the first time in Moscow.



The establishment of the Aareal Bank AG can be traced back to two institutions: the Preußische Landespfandbriefanstalt (founded 1922) and the Deutsche Wohnstättenbank AG (founded in 1923), both based in Berlin. In 1926, the Deutsche Wohnstättenbank AG was renamed the “Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank”. (Source: Wikipedia)

Foundation by the Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank of the “Bau- und Grundstücks-Aktiengesellschaft” as a limited liability company with headquarters in Berlin. The German Reich was the major shareholder.
Main functions: management and use of land, as well as mortgage brokering. (Source: “der neue pfeiler-Kopie”)

6.9.1930 formal Land Registry transfer of ownership from the German Reich to the Bau- und Grundstücks-Gesellschaft (BauGrund), which had been converted from a limited liability company into a corporation for this purpose. Sole shareholder is the Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank. (Source: “der neue pfeiler-Kopie”)

Reincorporation of the Saar region into the company assets. Total western assets: 8,000 apartments.

Post-war: new build and restoration of several thousand apartments.

At over 765 hectares, the “Hardtberg” development in Bonn becomes one of the largest-ever urban developments. It includes office and commercial buildings for approximately 2,500 employees and apartments for 15,000 residents.

Construction of the Lufthansa headquarters in Cologne
Shortly thereafter: the construction of the Deutsche Welle headquarters

Following the reunification of Germany, BauGrund becomes a sought-after partner for all aspects of urban development in the new federal states.

BauGrund supervised the property complex “Wernadskovo Prospect” in Moscow, the company’s first project abroad:

  • c. 400 apartments
  • additional infrastructure facilities

1993 to 1994
Multiple awards for urban conservation in various cities in the new federal states.

From 2000
Increasing expansion of nationwide administrative services for the residential and commercial real estate portfolios of German and Swiss insurance companies.

First acquisitions of portfolio management for funds under the investment laws of Germany and Luxembourg; separation and sale of BauGrund Städtebau GmbH.

BauGrund becomes administrator of the City high-rise building in Leipzig
BauGrund is represented at the European real estate exhibitions MIPIM and Expo Real

As a “preferred partner”, BauGrund takes on more residential and commercial real estate for funds with a banking background in the USA

The BauGrund Group extends to 14 offices within Germany and is also active in Moscow.

BauGrund is 80 years young. The Group has been at the service of its clients for eight decades. Expertise, commitment and solidity are intrinsic aspects of our identity as a service provider.

Swiss Life hands over the property management of 280 apartments in Dresden to BauGrund Immobilien-Management GmbH, significantly expanding the insurer’s cooperation with BauGrund. Since 1988, BauGrund has been managing 220 residential units in Bonn on behalf of the Swiss company. The total area under management grows to 39,400 m². The new contract was signed on 1 December 2011.

On 01.12.2011, BauGrund Immobilien-Management GmbH was commissioned with the property management of the new headquarters of Philip Morris (Germany) by MPC Capital for the MPC Germany 9 Fund. Developed by INVESTA, the modern office building in Munich Gräfelfing includes 14,833 m² of office space and 229 parking spaces and has already been pre-certified with DGNB silver.

Deutsche Bau- und Grundstücks AG (BauGrund) welcomes two new Board members: Christian Brückner and Dr. Christian Fahrner .
Realignment of core business focus towards the areas of property management and condominium management.

BauGrund Group wins new management client in Moscow.

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